Thank you for your interest in the December 15, 2014 PLC topic of progress monitoring!

This PLC will cover the topic of progress monitoring. Attendees will learn about the essential features of progress monitoring, including understanding curriculum based measures (CBMs) and general outcomes measures (GOMs) and why they are used for monitoring student progress. Attendees will learn best practice for establishing baselines and setting goals for progress monitoring. Finally, attendees will how to create and interpret various progress monitoring graphs. There will be tools distributed that are designed to help make setting progress monitoring goals and creating graphs easier for teachers.

The PowerPoint for this PLC is provided below:

The handouts for this PLC are provided below:
Using 1.5 Multiplier of ROI at 50th Percentile To Set PM Goals

Progress Monitoring Goal Calculator

Intervention Tracking Forms (Goal Setting Profiles)

Fifth Grade AIMSweb Growth Norm Table

Sheet for Graphing By Hand

Sample Data To Graph